Doing What You Were Born To Do.

June Agenda + Course Details.

This month of May has been more than wonderful, with some amazing insights and truly beautiful synchronicities. To me it’s a total blessing to be able to do the work I love doing, whenever I want to and whomever I prefer to do it with. That’s what my own tiny solo-operated design + branding business has turned into.

It really feels like being in flow. The flow of life.

The symphony of creative ideas that comes into being by hanging out and discussing art, life, and livelihood with spirited artists, friends, clients and experts in their own field, is what gets me to jump-out-of-bed every single morning.

Now that’s what I call a J.O.B.: Jump-Out-of-Bed! (What’s your JOB?)

Doing what you love with your full attention and intention makes you not only better at what you do, but it also helps shape your very own unique way of doing that thing you do. Whatever your ‘thing’ is; being a writer, designer, yoga teacher, food blogger, or teaching single moms to step into their own light and shine.

“You can only do, what only YOU can do.”

—Danielle laPorte

As Danielle puts it so eloquently, so poetically. I fully embrace that.

When we come into this world, we do so on purpose. This is what I learned from spending all of my twenties in India, studying Vedanta at the feet of various spiritual teachers and some of the most compassionate sages and yogis on the path of divine love and devotion. They’ve not only taught me philosophy but practically shown me that my soul proper is like a ray of pure consciousness, of bliss and light and that it has its own unique personality blueprint embedded into it. A kind of spiritual DNA.

Uncovering that unique spiritual talent and finding ways to eloquently express it into the world is what’s at the core of what I do in my work with clients.

Our Soulshine Branding program is designed to help you find your spiritual (brand) identity using our 60-Minute ArcheTribe™ Discovery Toolbox. It draws from the Jungian archetypal system, widely used in personality tests, and combines it with your astrological chart based on the ancient Vedic system of India.

‘A discovery is said to be an accident
meeting a prepared mind.’

— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

More than a course that teaches you how to apply an external layer of branding and design, it helps you truly connect with your innermost being and communicate with kindness and passion, being faithful to your own creativity, and willing to share it to help others and to be helped in return.


Vasanta explains it so eloquently. If you haven’t yet seen his video, here’s the link.

Agenda for June

This week you’ll receive a worksheet to help you create your own personal Manifesto. Find out what makes your heart sing and learn to speak the language of your soul.

Also, we’re planning a series of webinars for the week of June 22 to answer questions about soulshine branding and spiritual entrepreneurship. I’ll be interviewing Vasanta on the topic of branding. I am also super stoked to introduce to you my sweet soul sister and spirit business rockstar Simone Levie, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with for nearly a year now and I feel we’re only just getting started.

Truly excited and grateful for the opportunity.

This month I will also reveal more details about the actual course program and what it contains, how it works, and how you can become a part of the early adopters Original ArcheTribe™. Registration opening soon.

A program that has been over 10 years in the making.

Here’s the initial outline of the course:

  • 60-Minute ArcheTribe™ Discovery Toolbox
  • Personalized Soulshine Brand Indicator
  • Your Soul Brand Mantra
  • Soulshine Style Guide


  • Brand Voice: The Language of Your Soul & Learning to Sing Your Heart’s Song
  • Entering the Domain of the Soul – the ‘Atma-sphere’
  • Your Story is Your Advantage
  • Visual Story Telling


  • Spirit Business – Extending your reach (Business planning for success)
  • Launch + Engagement Strategy
  • Designing Your One-pager Launch Page
  • Social Brand Engagement Roadmap


  • 20+ Done-for-You Design Templates
  • 1:1 Sessions Included
  • Slack community access


  • Your Personalized Vedic Astrological Chart
  • New Materials Being Added

I truly hope to welcome you soon for our Soulshine Branding Course.

Namaste and always be in touch!
Rob 😉

I’m on a mission to make your Spiritual Brand Quest creative and meaningful.

Discover how to communicate your highest value in the language of your soul, creating meaningful heart connections. Pre-register for the course.



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  1. If you did not have a decent job, you’d be throw into McKeesport territory, and no one wants to be grouped in with them.

  2. Teresa says:


    My soul is jumping and I feel so happy to read this newsletter.
    Thank you. I am lucky to be part of this experience.

    Namaste. T.

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