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Working with Simone Levie (B-Schooler, class of ‘14) is an absolute pleasure. Besides the fact that she is wildly successful in creating a seeeeerious impact within the online community in Holland, and selling online courses at unprecedented levels, she is mostly known for her kindness and her caring nature.

Don’t get me wrong though, she IS a daring and ambitious business woman, for sure. Spirit Business is her thing …, and she shares her passion for spirit-based entrepreneurship with cutting-edge strategy to get results and make a difference in the world.

A community that feels more like a happy family.

She does so by offering Paid Courses as well as through her Spirit Business live events and her 11- and 21-day Challenges, that are of tremendous value, not just in how she shares her behind-the-scenes steps to success, but equally so in terms of the production cost (she produces a high-end video series for every day of the challenge with handsomely designed workbooks) — and all of this for FREE! This is how she’s built a loyal following and a community that feels more like a happy family.

It’s so cool to see how people respond to her as she possesses a high likability factor and an approachable personality that is both disarming and motivating at the same time. She gets you moving into the direction of your dreams and goals.

Her secret sauce?

You see, she doesn’t really overthink things too much — she has an idea and it needs to get out into the world as soon as is humanly possible ( trust me, let’s say I know a thing or two about her plans and ideas 😉 ). She goes by her own mantra ‘Fuckit! Shine Your Light…’ Just do it! Don’t try to be perfect, or give into your fears of failure or that no one will show up.

Simone came to me with an idea for another challenge and so we launched her latest project on — written, crafted, designed and launched in a matter of days and since its release, literally hundreds are signing up!!!

It’s so great to see someone acting quickly on their ideas instead of just dreaming and talking about it. Here’s what I recently read on a study about successful people.

Do you know the key difference between very successful people and average people? To that question, people usually answer: determination, network, access to the right resources, persistence…

These are truly very important skills, however they are not the #1 skill to posses. A study was made in 2007, and what they found may amaze you.

They found that the one skill all these successful people were sharing, the one skill that made them successful was ‘speed of implementation’.

What does it mean? It means that what makes successful people successful is their ability to act very quickly on their new knowledge.” …

Well there you have it!!!

Thanks Simone for being such a beacon of light and showing all of us that indeed it CAN be done, if you just show up and act. So here’s to you: Fuckit! Shine Your Light

Namaste ya’ll!

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