My first ‘Dharma of Design workshop’ is a fact!

Date: Saturday, 22 August — Haarlem (Netherlands)

I can’t even begin to express my feelings of immense gratitude to all of the attendees, the speakers, our kitchen crew, photography & filming crew and organizers for making our very first ‘Dharma of Design Workshop’ held in Haarlem (Netherlands) last weekend such a success.

What a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining, and guests were on their way, while our devoted kitchen crew were putting the finishing touches on the homemade pesto pasta salad, a lovely squash soup, and many other dishes and dips, ready for all to enjoy over lunch.

There is no way that we could have done this without our lovely Soul-shiners Tribe! Thank you so much.

The Dharma of Design and branding from the inside out

The Dharma of Design is a spiritual branding and design platform that uses tools and systems drawn from India’s Vedic Astrology, combined with the Dharma Code as well as the Ancient Yoga philosophy — applied in ways to help you communicate your highest value, with clarity, substance and style.

“By manifesting our purpose, we
add beauty to the universe.”

With the help of our in-house developed system participants discover and formulate their personal Brand Mantra — a combination of powerful words that describe and help to manifest and express their soul’s purpose – also called dharma – into this world.

The sessions …

The sessions started with an introduction by myself. As a Digital Creative and founder of soulusions.com and the Dharma of Design, I shared a little bit of my personal journey as well as the background and passions I share with my co-presenters. Having each spent a decade in ashrams in India, studying Vedic philosophy and astrology, music, design, publishing — we aim to bring a unique and innovative approach into the process of personal branding and design.

Simon Haas, speaker and author of ‘The Book of Dharma’ — which was freely available for all participants, invited us all to invoke within ourselves a spirit of loving kindness through a ‘loving kindness’ meditation. This lead us into a lucid explanation of the Dharma Code — and its four principles; Truth, Purity, Discipline and Non-Violence — and how to apply these as a powerful set of design principles.

This Dharma Code forms the philosophical foundation of the Dharma of Design, and will further help us develop our personal (brand) identity that is true to our soul. I really love his way of presenting and connecting with the audience.

To apply the system, Vasanta takes us on a journey into the ‘Science of Light’ also called ‘jyotish’, or better known as Vedic astrology. Drawing from this ancient Indian system, he combines your zodiac sign with a ruling Dharma principle and provides powerful words that describe your highest value with a personal Brand Mantra. Given the group setting of the workshop, this exercise was but a glimpse of what the system can give you; a crystal clear Spirit Brand Manifesto and a plan to communicate it with clarity, substance and style.

How this translates into design was then demonstrated by Martynas (of BBDO Studio Head of Design) who took the stage and walked us through the steps starting with a brand strategy and its transformation into a visual brand identity. By looking at a real client case it’s easy to see how the selected power words and their associated archetypes are being shaped into recognizable elements that make up the identity and brand personality.

A perfect conclusion of the day, …

To wrap it all up I had the pleasure to invite Simone Levie on stage. We’ve worked together for the past 12 months and have learned a great deal about the significance of branding and design in positioning and marketing her online training and coaching programs. We share a very similar passion for internet marketing combined with meaningful, spiritual branding.

A perfect conclusion of the day, …. that was made even more perfect with a closing gratitude meditation by Vasanta. Preparing ourselves to receive grace, gratitude and love.

Now all of the above would hardly be possible if there wasn’t at least a light lunch, kindly provided by my very own Britt’s ‘Kitchen of Love’. Well, it turned out to be a splendid, fully Vegan buffet, that was very much appreciated and honored by all. Have a look at the pictures and see for yourself. I’m a lucky guy with such a beautiful & loving cook as my wife. 😉

Again, I want to thank everyone for the opportunity. We’re very busy with client projects these days, but part of the plan is to turn the Dharma of Design into an online platform, for creatives and soulful entrepreneurs to help develop their personal brand into a unique and beautiful offering from the heart.

We will keep you updated on any progress. Please join our Facebook group where we share bits and pieces of our progress in building the platform.

My best wishes to you as always,
Rob … and the Soulshiners Tribe 😉

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The Dharma of Design


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