The Law of Dharma and
Design Principles from the Dharma Code

+ the Announcement we’ve all been waiting for …

This week I am sharing a couple of really exciting things with you:

1. The Dharma of Design previewer + notes from the Book of Dharma
2. Launching the SOULSHINE BRANDING KIT (mini-course)*
3. Opening up our Facebook group for early adopters


The Dharma of Design

Is our book that’s currently in the making and it is the foundation for our Soulshine Branding course.

When we come to learn about the power of our choices, we empower ourselves with the choice to design our own lives. What we feed into the design process will determine the final outcome. This is just as much true for any design projects that we engage in with clients. Ask yourself what final outcome you expect to manifest.

Notes from The Book of Dharma:

bodh-bookIn his book called The Book of Dharma, my dear friend Simon Haas, explains to us the Dharma Code ….

Thousands of years ago, the Rishis formulated the Dharma Code, a technology for manifesting Dharma in our everyday life. We can call the Dharma Code a set of “power principles”, because these principles awaken the higher self, the seat of inborn power. In doing so, they help us create the best possible perceptual world.

When applied to any system, the Dharma Code acts as a set of optimal design principles.



By consciously applying design principles in our life, we can create a perceptual world that supports us.

Good design principles will be directed not at the play of form in the field of perception, but at the faculty of perception itself.

They will alter the hidden architecture of our world.

They will do this by modifying the inner mechanisms that shape our world, such as our attitudes, desires, direction of attention, beliefs, relationship with time, and sense of identity.

They will seek to alter our perceptual world not at the level of effect, but at the level of origin.


“By manifesting our purpose, we
add beauty to the universe.”

Soulshine Branding and The Dharma Code

It’s a real honour to be working with bright minds like Simon and Vasanta. This August 21st, Simon is giving a workshop on the Dharma Code (in Amsterdam; check this link for details). Another workshop is in the planning for August and we’ll publish those details as soon as they’re available.

The program that we are developing and using with our clients is being received with great enthusiasm, and I am really overjoyed to announce that we are now offering a 3-day mini-course, starting on July 20th. For 3 days in a row you’ll receive the materials, exercises and tools to start your personal journey to building a Brand Called ‘YOU’.

The systems and concepts we find in the Dharma Code have been carefully studied and translated culturally into a program and toolset that will give you the clarity of purpose and a step-by-step process to develop your own personal brand identity — from the inside out.



is now available as an introductory offer and includes:


(3-day mini-course)

• The Dharma of Design Book Previewer

• Interactive Soulshine Brand Discovery Test

• Guided Meditation (Audio Brand Flow)

• Early Access Facebook Group


You will receive 3 Lessons in 3 days Starting 20 July.


This mini-course is an introduction to the complete 3 week program, which will be available later this year. You will receive 3 modules in 3 days.

Get in early and be among the first ones to start
working with these powerful tools.


The Dharma of Design

Rob and Vasanta are actively engaged in this group to help you
get the most out of your Soulshine Branding.

We WANT to see you shine, and it is our mission to give you
clarity and purpose about the work you were born to do in this world.


Download jouw Manifesto in 10 Soulusions!


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  1. Jaishree says:

    This is amazing!! Your insight and experience sound so reflective of a commitment to devotion and dharma. I want to learn more!!

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